This recipe is so delicious, and I love how I can make it in the oven or slow cooker

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm, hearty meal that effortlessly fills your home with mouthwatering aromas. One such dish that never fails to deliver on both taste and convenience is No Peek Beef Tips. This recipe transforms tender stew meat into succulent bites of beef smothered in a rich and flavorful gravy. The best part is that you have the flexibility to prepare this delicious dish either in a slow cooker or in the oven, depending on your preference and schedule.
Growing up, my grandmother always had a way of creating unforgettable meals that brought our family together. One of her signature dishes was her delectable No Peek Beef Tips. I can still vividly recall the enticing aroma that would waft through her kitchen, drawing everyone to the table in eager anticipation. Grandma would spend hours simmering the beef on the stovetop, infusing it with layers of flavor from the brown gravy, cream of mushroom soup, and onion soup mix.

It was a labor of love that produced fork-tender meat and a rich, velvety gravy. As the years went by, I learned how to adapt her recipe to make it even more convenient, either by using a slow cooker or the oven. Today, I’m excited to share with you both versions of this cherished family recipe, allowing you to savor the same comfort and create lasting memories with your loved ones.
No Peek Beef Tips

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