This was the best idea ever created! So satisfying!

Oh, there’s nothing quite like a slice of good old fashioned pizza. But on those lazy afternoons when kneading a dough feels like too much of a chore, my Air Fryer Pizza Toast steps in as the perfect quick fix! Born out of necessity on a busy farm day and inspired by the simplicity of traditional Midwestern snacks, this recipe brings a modern twist to the beloved classic. It’s perfect for anyone from young grandkids who are always on the go, to us older folk who appreciate a good slice without the fuss.
Air Fryer Pizza Toast pairs wonderfully with a crisp side salad or some fresh sliced veggies to keep things light and balanced. If you’re feeling a bit more indulgent, a nice cup of tomato soup makes a hearty companion, echoing that comforting, nostalgic pizzeria feel right at your kitchen table.

Air Fryer Pizza Toast
Servings: 2

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