Try this at-home rosemary burner and see what occurs in a matter of minutes.

Rosemary isn’t only useful in the kitchen; it has a fragrant secret that it reveals when burnt at home, in addition to its many other uses. This evergreen herb, which is native to the Mediterranean and belongs to the Lamiaceae family, has a pungent, fresh scent and has been used for both medicinal and culinary purposes for centuries.



An Overview of Rosemary’s Extensive Historical Web


Traditional and Antiquated Use: The Romans used rosemary to sanitize their surroundings and, maybe, protect themselves from contagious illnesses because of its purported cleansing properties.


Symbolism & Spiritual Use: It was believed to have magical powers throughout the Middle Ages and used in ceremonies, rituals, and to ward off evil spirits and bad health.


Symbol of Loyalty and Used in Numerous Marriage Rituals, It Had Deep Ties to Marital and Romantic Traditions.


As a substitute for incense and a symbol of everlasting repose, it is used in burial rituals in several countries.


The Therapeutic and Aromatic Properties of Burning Rosemary


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