We love these bites! Served them at Sunday football, and there were 0 leftovers

As the golden sunlight fades into amber across the endless fields, it brings to mind a dish with its own rich hues and heartwarming tales: Baked Antipasto Squares. This twist on traditional antipasto borrows from the communal spirit of Midwestern suppers and the rustic simplicity of Italian cuisine. Why, you ask, gather round for this melding of flavors? It’s perfect for those potluck gatherings, for the family affairs where the table is heaped with love, or when you yearn for a bite of nostalgia with the ease of modern convenience.
Serving these Baked Antipasto Squares, you’ll want companions on the plate that respect this hearty centerpiece. Consider a crisp, green salad with cucumbers and a tangy vinaigrette, or perhaps some marinated olives and roasted bell peppers that nod to the antipasto’s heritage. And don’t forget a pitcher of sweet iced tea, or if it’s a special occasion, a glass of chilled Chardonnay for toasting the day’s blessings.

Baked Antipasto Squares

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