While it’s called “Poor Man’s Cubed Steak,” this dish always leaves me feeling like I’ve won the lottery

Craving a meal that’s both delightful to your palate and light on the pocket? Say hello to the Slow Cooker Poor Man’s Cubed Steak! This isn’t just any steak dish; it’s a transformation story where humble cube steaks turn into irresistibly tender bites bursting with flavor. All it takes is a handful of ingredients and the magic of your trusty slow cooker. Your reward? A sumptuous meal your family won’t stop raving about!

Let’s decode the secret behind our star ingredient: the cubed steak.
What’s the Buzz Around Cubed Steak?
While regular steaks are thick cuts boasting tenderness and juicy marbling, cubed steak (or ‘minute steak’) is a thinner slice that’s been given the tender touch mechanically. Spot them by their unique cubed patterns. But here’s the deal: regular steaks sizzle with high heat, while our hero, the cubed steak, thrives in slow, loving cooks, making it the perfect budget-friendly centerpiece for dishes like ours.

Whip Up a Feast: Slow Cooker Poor Man’s Cubed Steak with Gravy 🥘


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