Whoa, I had no idea you could make these biscuits out of just 3 ingredients

On a crisp morning, there’s nothing quite as comforting as the smell of freshly baked biscuits wafting through the kitchen. It takes me straight back to my mother’s cozy farmhouse where everything was made from scratch, with love and patience. Now, drop biscuits are a humble classic, a staple that doesn’t just feed the body but soothes the soul. They’re straightforward, uncomplicated, and reflect the honest, hard-working spirit of the Midwest. This particular recipe for 3-Ingredient Drop Biscuits with mayonnaise is a little twist on tradition, influenced by frugality. It came about during times when you’d reach into the larder and make do with what you had. And let me tell you, dear, it’s astonishing how something so simple can be so delightful. You might want to make this because you’re short on time, perhaps missing a bit of butter, or just out of pure curiosity. Let me guide you through the warmth of this age-old delight, pared down to its essence with a dash of modern-day resourcefulness.
Now, these flaky beauties can hold their own alongside a variety of dishes. Pair them with a steaming bowl of chili or stew, letting them soak up all that glorious gravy. Or split ’em open, slather on a dollop of apple butter or your favorite jam for a sweet and savory experience. At our house, we often serve these biscuits with a hearty helping of sausage gravy for an indulgent, comforting breakfast. They also make for delightful little sandwiches, layered with a slice of ham or some pimento cheese. And when the summer garden offers up ripe, bursting tomatoes, there’s nothing quite like a biscuit sandwich with a thick slice and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

3-Ingredient Mayonnaise Drop Biscuits

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