Why You Should Stop Ordering Lemon Water At Restaurants

The Perilous Path of Pathogens: Unveiling the Source of Contamination
The ABC News inquiry pointed to a common practice among restaurant staff: handling lemons directly with bare hands, often neglecting the use of gloves or tongs. In instances where proper handwashing after restroom use is overlooked, the potential transmission of bacteria from hand to lemon becomes alarmingly feasible.


A Closer Look: The Prevalence of Microbes in Restaurant Lemons
Further research, documented in the Journal of Environmental Health, scrutinized 76 lemons from 21 different restaurants. Shockingly, nearly 70% of the sampled lemons were found to be teeming with various microbes and bacteria strains, including the notorious E. coli, known for its ability to cause severe illnesses and health complications.

Practical Measures: Safeguarding Your Health in Restaurant Settings
Armed with the knowledge that restaurants can serve as breeding grounds for unseen germs, it becomes imperative to take proactive steps to protect yourself. Thoroughly washing your hands before indulging in your meal is a simple yet effective measure. Additionally, reconsidering that tempting order of lemon water might just be a prudent choice for safeguarding your health and well-being. Remember, when it comes to citrus-infused refreshment, a glass of pristine water enjoyed at home could be the safest bet of all.

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