With warmer days ahead, I swear by this trick to getting rid of all the flies, mosquitoes, and bugs

Because of its powerful and delicious aroma, vinegar attracts flies and mosquitoes and serves as a bait for them. Particularly effective is apple cider vinegar because of its inherent fermenting properties, which these insects find enticing.

Entrapment: Insects that try to settle on the surface of the vinegar will find it simpler to sink thanks to the shampoo in the combination, which lowers the surface tension of the vinegar.
A slippery barrier is formed on top of the mixture by the olive oil. If you put flies or mosquitoes in the trap—particularly via the perforations in the plastic wrap—the oil will suffocate them, limiting their ability to fly away.
Use this trap around the house without worrying about hurting your kids or pets. If you’re worried about spillage, however, put it somewhere out of reach.
If the trap mixture becomes too full, or if you check on it every few days, you should change it.

Setting Up: A warm, shady spot frequented by flies and mosquitoes is ideal for setting up the trap.



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