Woman asks neighbor to watch dogs – then receives a letter from him that reduces her to tears

Life these days can be incredibly taxing and demanding. Reaching out for help is something everyone should be prepared to do for their own mental well-being. A woman decided to do exactly that.

She asked her neighbor for help and in return, got a letter that she never expected. Keep reading to learn more…


A woman had to go away on a trip and needed pet care. Her three dogs, Smokey, Oreo, and Jennifer, needed someone to look after them. While arranging care for one dog usually is not a big issue, arranging care for three dogs is an entirely different ball game.

She was desperate and decided to ask her retired neighbor for help, and surprisingly, he agreed!

When she returned from her trip, she arrived at an envelope that had been slid under her door. Inside the envelope was a letter that she later shared on Reddit because of how unbelievable it was.


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