10 awesome cleaning hacks for lazy people

Who doesn’t love a clean home? Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted to be motivated at cleaning. If you are like anything like me, you’d prefer to do something else with your time. Luckily, there are many cleaning hacks out there to help us out.
We’ve found 10 brilliant ideas for you, so you don’t have to. (I know; you are probably too lazy to search for this anyway.) Just remember, you owe us one. Don’t forget to watch the video below as well for the live version of all of these tricks.

1. Use shower gel instead of soap
The fats and oils contained in bars of soap contribute to that yucky buildup on your shower tiles. Shower gels, on the other hand are more like a detergent.

2. Throw everything in the dishwasher
Okay, maybe not everything, but did you know that these items can be put into the dishwasher?
– Toys
– Hairbrushes
– Shoes (rubber boots, flip flops)
– Light fixtures

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