10 awesome cleaning hacks for lazy people

3. Clean your microwave the easy way
Fill a glass bowl with water and half a lemon. Perhaps even add a splash of vinegar. Microwave for a few minutes or until the water is boiling, then wipe it all down with a cloth. Easy, quick, and no chemicals.

4. Use stove-top liners
Skip the cleaning entirely with this trick.

5. Use furniture polish on everything
Furniture polish makes everything nice and shiny – you can use it on your fridge, your coffee table, your dresser… but be careful not to spray it on the floor. It’s slippery.

6. Line your fridge with plastic wrap
If you spill anything, you just pull out the plastic wrap, and never need to scrub.
7. Let the blender clean itself
Don’t bother scrubbing the blender. Just rinse it out, fill it with warm water and a little detergent, then hit the button and blend the soapy mixture until the blender is clean. Do another quick swirl with clean water to get rid of any detergent residue.

8. Clean your mattress with Vodka
Pour vodka into a spray bottle and then spritz your mattress. The alcohol kills bacteria and gets rid of the musty odor. You can add essential oils for scent.
9. Use a removable oven liner
These are worth their weight in gold because cleaning the oven is about one of the worst jobs ever.
10. Vacuum in the tight areas
Use a paper towel roll to extend your vacuum and get hard-to-reach nooks and crannies…..like the sliding door crack.

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