#6. Get rid of your stretch marks There are thousands of women who suffer from stretch marks. As a rule, to get rid of them women have to go through different procedures which are rather expensive and take a lot of time. Vicks VapoRub can help you in this situation. You should apply the remedy on your problem areas daily. In two weeks you’ll see the first results.

#7. Treat your toenail fungus Toenail fungus is a rather common problem which is rather hard to get rid of. Vicks VapoRup can help you in this situation. Apply it on the affected nail and put on the socks. Do it every day before going to bed. Don’t forget to clip off the infected nail in the morning.

#8. Treat bruises Bruises look rather unattractive. To get rid of them you can use Vicks VapoRub. Everything you should do is to apply some remedy directly on the affected area and very soon you’ll solve the problem.

#9. Prevent inflammation and infection Many people think that little cuts and wounds are not dangerous. However the situation can become worse if there occur an infection. To prevent it you should apply a small amount of the ointment on the affected area. In this way you’ll keep the wound clean.

#10. Take care of your heels You can use this ointment to make your heels soft and smooth. You just should apply a thin layer of the remedy on your heels and put on the socks. It works overnight. In the morning you should wash your feet. Don’t forget to use your pumice stone to remove dead skin cells. Do this procedure daily and very soon you’ll get desirable results.

#11. Ease pain in back and muscles Vicks VapoRub can help you to get ease pain in your back or muscles. You just should rub a small amount of the ointment directly on the problem areas and very soon you’ll get rid of the discomfort.

#12. Reduce your belly fat This ointment can help you to get a flat belly. You should crush a camphor tablet and mix it with alcohol, Vicks VapoRub, and sodium bicarbonate until smooth. Apply the remedy on your belly and wrap it with a plastic wrap. Leave it overnight..

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