12 hidden iPhone tips you never knew about

4. Text Replacement Shortcuts
Speed up your typing by setting up text replacement shortcuts. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and add phrases with corresponding shortcuts. Next time you type the shortcut, the phrase will automatically expand.
5. Hide Photos
For personal images you’d rather keep private, use the hide feature by selecting a photo in the Photos app, tapping the share button, and then selecting ‘Hide.’ The photo will move to a hidden album that isn’t immediately visible in your main library.
6. Measure Objects with Your Camera
Use your iPhone’s camera as a measuring tape with the built-in Measure app. Open the app, follow the on-screen instructions, and start measuring real-world objects by simply pointing your camera towards them.
7. Custom Text Response to Calls
When you’re unable to take a call, you can send a customized text message directly from the call screen. Go to Settings > Phone > Respond with Text and write the message you want to appear as a quick response option during incoming calls.
8. Announce Calls with Siri
Let Siri announce who’s calling by going to Settings > Phone > Announce Calls. You can choose to have Siri announce calls always, with headphones and car only, headphones only, or never.
9. Siri Shortcuts
Automate complex tasks with Siri Shortcuts. Create a shortcut within the Shortcuts app by combining multiple actions from your apps. Siri can then execute these with a single custom voice command.
10. Close Multiple Apps at Once
Forget swiping up on each app to close it. Instead, use multiple fingers to swipe up on multiple apps on the app switcher screen. This allows you to close two or three apps simultaneously.
11. Emergency SOS
By pressing the side button and one of the volume buttons and holding them, your iPhone will initiate a countdown and sound an alarm before calling emergency services. Additionally, you can continue to hold the buttons to skip the countdown.
12. Document Scanner in Notes
Quickly scan documents right from the Notes app by creating a new note and tapping the camera icon. Choose ‘Scan Documents’ and use the camera to capture the document, which can then be saved and shared directly from the app.

Unearthing these hidden capabilities of your iPhone not only makes your daily use more efficient but can also introduce levels of customization and convenience you might not have imagined possible. With these 12 tips, your iPhone experience just became that much richer.

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