Stop throwing out silica gel packets. Here are 10 nifty uses

You’ve probably seen these little packets in many of the things you buy. The packages contain silica gel. They’re included in products to keep your items safe from rot and mold. The gel inside the packets actually absorbs water vapors so your new television doesn’t gather moisture and your vitamins aren’t ruined by moisture in the air.
If you’ve just been tossing these packets into the garbage whenever you find them, stop! We’ve discovered 10 different ways you can use them around the house and garden.

1. Dry flowers
Drying flowers with silica gel is a popular and effective method for preserving their beauty and color. You’ll need a lot of those gel packets for this one (or you can supplement with silica from the craft store). After carefully trimming your flowers and covering them with the silica gel, they’ll come out dry, but look fresh and pretty.

To do this, you’ll need to select the flowers you want to dry and trim their stems to your desired length. Next, find a container with an airtight seal that is large enough to accommodate the flowers without crowding them. Pour a layer of silica gel at the bottom of the container, place the flowers on top, and gently cover them with more silica gel, making sure to support delicate petals and blooms. Seal the container and let it sit for several days to a few weeks, depending on the flower type and size.
The silica gel will gradually absorb the moisture from the flowers, leaving them beautifully preserved with their shape and vibrant colors intact. Once dried, carefully remove the flowers from the silica gel, and they’ll be ready for various crafting and decorative purposes.
2. Save your phone
Separate your phone and battery. Place both into a sealable baggie with as many silica gel packets as you can find. Seal the bag and let it set until morning. (It sure beats wasting an entire bag of rice!)

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