Don’t throw away the orange peels, put them in a jar and add a little vinegar: it’s worth gold in the house.

n the realm of eco-friendly cleaning solutions, the combination of orange peels and vinegar emerges as a hidden gem, especially useful for various household tasks. As we delve into the colder months, our consumption of seasonal fruits like oranges increases, not only to savor their juicy freshness but also to bolster our immune systems against seasonal ailments. Yet, the peels, often discarded, hold untapped potential for enhancing our home care routine.

The Secret of Orange Peels and Vinegar
Orange peels, abundant in essential oils and citrus properties, can be repurposed in a remarkably effective way. When combined with vinegar, a known natural cleanser, they create a potent cleaning agent that not only tackles stubborn dirt but also leaves behind a pleasant, fresh scent.

How to Make Your Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaner

Orange peels
A jar

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