Don’t throw away the orange peels, put them in a jar and add a little vinegar: it’s worth gold in the house.

Prepare the Peels: After enjoying your oranges, save the peels and tear them into smaller pieces.

Combine with Vinegar: Place the orange peel pieces into a jar and pour enough vinegar over them to completely submerge the peels.

Let It Infuse: Seal the jar tightly and allow the mixture to sit and infuse for about 15 days. During this period, the orange peels will release their essential oils into the vinegar.

Strain and Store: After the infusion period, strain the liquid, removing the orange peel pieces. Transfer the infused vinegar into a spray bottle for easy application.

Using Your Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaner

This naturally derived solution is particularly effective on surfaces with tough grime, including stainless steel. The vinegar acts as a disinfectant and degreaser, while the orange peels contribute a delightful citrus aroma and additional cleaning power.


Why Choose This Method?

Eco-Friendly: This approach not only repurposes food waste but also reduces the need for chemical-based cleaning products.

Cost-Effective: Save money by utilizing ingredients already available in your kitchen, avoiding extra expenses on commercial cleaners.

Versatile: While oranges are highlighted here, this method is applicable to all citrus fruits, allowing for customization based on your preferences or what’s in season.

As we enjoy the benefits of oranges this season, let’s also embrace the opportunity to experiment with this simple yet innovative cleaning solution. Not only does it offer an effective way to keep our homes clean and fresh, but it also aligns with sustainable living practices, turning what was once waste into something wonderfully useful.

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