EVERYONE asks me why my toilet is SO clean (THIS is my SECRET)

Garlic: The Natural Toilet Cleaner
To create this homemade solution, follow these steps:
Slice three cloves of garlic finely.
Boil half a liter of water and add the sliced garlic to it.
Allow the mixture to cool, and then remove the garlic slices.
Pour this garlic-infused water into your toilet bowl.
You might wonder: Why garlic? The answer lies in allicin, a compound in garlic renowned for its antibacterial properties. By using this mixture, your toilet can be germ-free without any chemicals. For optimal results, let the water sit in the bowl overnight. The following day, scrub lightly with a toilet brush, flush, and behold the gleaming results! Do give this natural cleaner a shot and enjoy a freshly cleaned toilet without the chemical aftermath.

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