How to make a mattress disinfectant spray that will get rid of dust mites and other stains

Even though they get less attention than other home items, mattresses and pillows harbor a multitude of germs, mites, and stains. Here you can find the recipe for a mattress disinfection spray that will keep mites at bay, as well as absorb smells and remove stains.Dust is home to tiny creatures called mites. The mattress provides an ideal environment for their multiplication, as they feed on dead skin cells. They may be tiny, but they pose a serious threat to our health, particularly for those of us who have asthma or allergies.Dust mites shouldn’t be an issue if you clean the house regularly, but things become tricky when it comes to mattresses. Because they can’t escape the mattress, mites breed and multiply there; this is why a quality disinfectant spray might be the deciding factor.

Mattress sanitizer spray recipe:


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