How to make a mattress disinfectant spray that will get rid of dust mites and other stains

Distilled water, 250 milliliters
white vinegar (distilled)—250 milliliters
Peppermint essential oil, eight drops
eucalyptus essential oil, eight drops
An essential oil spray bottle with eight drops of lavender

Just combine all the ingredients in a spray container and give it a good shake to make the mattress disinfecting spray. Always give the bottle a good shake before use.

A combination of vinegar, peppermint oil (a natural repellant), eucalyptus oil (a disinfectant and purifier), and lavender oil (antibacterial and calming) makes for a powerful cleaning solution.



After taking off the covers, treat the entire mattress with the disinfectant spray. Wait four hours for it to dry, and then replace the covers.

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