Insect Repellent: Out of insect repellent? Applying Vicks from an open jar can deter mosquitoes and other insects.

Furniture Protection:

Safeguard your furniture from your cat’s claws by applying Vicks to their preferred scratching posts.

Stretch Mark Reduction:

Consistent application of Vicks can gradually diminish the visibility of stretch marks over time.

Toenail Fungus Combat:

Apply Vicks nightly, wear socks, and trim the affected nail in the morning until the fungus disappears.

Quicker Bruise Healing:

Expedite bruise recovery and reduce swelling by applying a small amount of Vicks.

Earache Relief:

For a temporary earache, try placing a cotton ball coated with Vicks in your ear for a few hours. If it persists, consult a doctor.

Clearer Skin:

Combat acne by applying a thin layer of Vicks overnight, washing it off in the morning for a cleaner complexion with consistent use.

Muscle and Back Pain Soothing:

Vicks’ natural ingredients can alleviate muscle and back pain. Massage it into areas like sore elbows for relief.

Trimming the Belly:

Mix one tablespoon each of crushed camphor, alcohol, and baking soda with half a jar of Vicks. Apply to your abdomen, wrap in plastic before a workout, and rinse off afterward. Doing this 2-3 times a week can aid in toning, similar to some commercial creams.

Always conduct a patch test before attempting new uses for Vicks to ensure compatibility with your skin.

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