Why you should never fasten other keys to your car’s ignition key

Your vehicle’s ignition key is a crucial tool for mobility and convenience. However, a common practice that seems harmless—attaching extra keys to your car’s ignition key—can have significant consequences for safety, performance, and the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

The Weight Dilemma
Damaging Delicate Interior Components
The weight and bulk of extra keys can wreak havoc on the delicate interior components of your ignition cylinder. Jake McKenzie, the content manager for autoaccessoriesgarage.com, warns that the ignition cylinder isn’t built to bear significant weight, and regular driving can lead to wear and tear.

Reasons to Avoid Extra Keys
1. Accelerated Wear and Tear
The ignition process involves turning the ignition cylinder, initiating a complex mechanical sequence. Attaching other keys adds unnecessary weight, leading to heightened wear and potential ignition-related issues, necessitating costly repairs.

2. Compromised Ignition System
Modern ignition systems are finely calibrated for optimal engine performance. Extra keys disrupt this balance, causing misalignment and damage to the ignition switch, resulting in malfunctions or starting difficulties.

3. Increased Risk of Ignition Switch Problems
The constant strain of multiple keys hanging from the ignition switch can lead to deterioration. This wear and tear manifest as difficulty in turning the key, start-up challenges, or complete ignition switch failure.

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