My grandmother’s secret: I mixed fabric softener with mothballs and cleaned out every cupboard in the house.


Like using a shovel to make cleaning easier or alternative ways of using a hair dryer or an old electric brush.

Cleaning not satisfactory?
Does the smell persist in the environment?
Do you want to extend the life of a food or tool?
Or even if your home organization isn’t the way you want it to be, these home hacks can help you save time, money, and find alternatives to various problems.

Ingredients :
30g of mothballs
1 liter of boiling water
1 liter of water at room temperature
150 ml of spirit vinegar
50 ml of detergent
2 caps of concentrated fabric softener.
How to make My Grandmother’s Secret I mixed fabric softener with mothballs:
First put the mothballs in a plastic bag, seal it and pound it until it is well ground.
Add the mothballs to a bowl and pour in the boiling water.
Then stir until it begins to dilute.
So add the vinegar, detergent and fabric softener. Stir.
Finally, add the water at room temperature.
Transfer to a spray bottle.
Spray on desired furniture and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
You will be delighted to see the remarkable effectiveness of this cleaning product for your furniture!

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