My grandmother’s secret: I mixed fabric softener with mothballs and cleaned out every cupboard in the house.

I couldn’t not share this wonderful tip with you. I searched so hard on the internet for something that really works and this one really helped me.

My grandmother’s secret , I mixed fabric softener with mothballs , it really works.

My mother-in-law had been doing this for a long time and when she saw that I needed it, she taught me.

Now I can’t do without it, it’s very easy to do.

I always want to bring something new for you, cleaning tips , household hacks , anything to make your day easier.

Sometimes I would suffer so much to clean something or spend money on products that ultimately didn’t work.

Now I am an expert at this and this tip from my grandmother’s secret, I mixed fabric softener with mothballs, is just one of the many tips I will share with you daily.

My grandmother’s secret I mixed fabric softener with mothballs:
There are a few things in daily life that prevent us from wasting a lot of time, which could be invested in more enjoyable activities.

That’s why it’s important to know a few tips that add several free minutes to your day,

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