My Greek nana taught me this recipe, and it’s been on rotation since!

Nestled under the warmth of the Mediterranean sunshine, Greek Chicken offers a taste of Greek tradition that I just love to share with my circle. This dish, brimming with the zest of lemons and the earthy punch of herbs, is a staple in Greek cuisine. It whispers tales of family gatherings and long, laughter-filled tables. Whether you’re yearning to switch-up your dinner routine or transport your senses to the flowery coasts of the Aegean, this mouthwatering recipe promises a delicious adventure, right in the comfort of your own kitchen.
To embrace the full Mediterranean spirit, serve this Greek Chicken alongside a fluffy bed of rice or roasted potatoes, sprinkled with a touch of oregano. A crisp Greek salad, brimming with ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, and a generous crumble of feta cheese, can balance the plate with its freshness. And don’t forget a side of warm, grilled pita bread for sopping up all those delightful juices.

Greek Chicken

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