My neighbor waters our garden every morning but leaves a bar of soap by the birdbath after. Why would they do this?

Observing our neighbors can often unveil intriguing and unconventional gardening practices that initially seem perplexing but are rooted in practicality. This article aims to unravel one such curious behavior: the daily ritual of watering our garden followed by placing a bar of soap by the birdbath. By delving into the motivations behind this unusual practice, we shed light on the depth of gardening wisdom and the inventive solutions nurtured by seasoned gardeners.


Exploring Unconventional Gardening Techniques
1. Natural Pest Repellent
One of the primary purposes of using soap in gardens is its efficacy as a pest deterrent. Soap’s scent and taste repel a range of pests, including deer, rabbits, and insects, making it an effective barrier against garden intruders. Placing soap near a birdbath serves as a strategic defense mechanism, safeguarding both the garden’s flora and the avian visitors.


2. Fungicide and Mildew Control
Beyond pest control, soap also acts as a mild fungicide, inhibiting the growth of mildew. This proves particularly beneficial in humid climates prone to fungal infestations. By strategically positioning soap near moisture-prone areas like birdbaths, gardeners can create an environment hostile to fungal proliferation, ensuring the health of their plants.

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