My neighbor waters our garden every morning but leaves a bar of soap by the birdbath after. Why would they do this?


3. Feather-Friendly Cleanser for Birds
Interestingly, soap in birdbath water serves a dual purpose: not only does it deter pests, but it also aids in cleansing bird feathers. Birds often encounter challenges from urban pollutants and sticky substances. The addition of a small amount of soap to their bathing water facilitates gentle cleaning, promoting the well-being of our feathered friends.

4. Aesthetic and Aromatic Enhancement
In addition to its functional benefits, soap can elevate the aesthetic appeal and fragrance of a garden. Gardeners often select visually appealing or pleasantly scented soaps to enhance the sensory experience of their outdoor spaces, adding another layer of allure to their gardening endeavors.

The practice of incorporating seemingly unconventional items like soap into garden maintenance underscores the resourcefulness and creativity of dedicated gardeners. By understanding the rationale behind these practices, enthusiasts can glean valuable insights and adopt innovative approaches to nurturing their own gardens. The next time you encounter an unorthodox gardening practice, consider the practical wisdom it may conceal—it could be a testament to the time-honored traditions of gardening.

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