Put Salt In The Toilet. This Is Something That Plumbers Will Never Tell You

Have you ever poured a glass of salt down the toilet? Isn’t it? You should try it! In Japan, salt is used not only as a seasoning in the kitchen, but also as a cleaning agent in cleaning rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. Below in the article we will see how to do it.


1. An Overnight Odor Fix: Salt and the Toilet Bowl

Salt, particularly the coarse variety, is remarkably effective in neutralizing odors, a quality that makes it a crucial ingredient in the toilet-cleaning recipe. The procedure involves depositing a tumbler full of coarse salt into the toilet bowl and leaving it there overnight. Any unwanted odors are effectively absorbed and masked by the salt. The following morning, a kettle full of boiling water is poured into the toilet, completely ridding the area of the smell.


2. Unclogging Wastes: Salt as a Drain Cleaner

Coarse salt can also do a great job of cleaning waste. Pour the larger amount down the drain, similar to how you pour salt into a dishwasher. If you want to use salt to release toilet waste, cover the entire bottom with salt. Leave overnight, then pour hot water down the drain. You need a whole bucket to use the toilet, so be careful not to get scalded. Release the waste with the bell and you will see that you can do it more easily.

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