Stop throwing out silica gel packets. Here are 10 nifty uses

3. Keep your pumpkin fresh

If your Halloween pal molds and rots too quickly, try tossing a few silica gel packs inside the carved pumpkin. It will keep moisture at bay and keep your jack-‘o-lantern mold-free a little longer. (Bonus: the gel packs aren’t flammable so you should be okay to light your jack–o-lantern as usual.
4. Protect your leather shoes

Toss a few silica gel packets into your leather shoes (or even sports shoes) to suck out the moisture and keep them from getting moldy.
5. Dry your swimsuit

Try tossing a few of these packets into a zip lock bag with your damp swimsuit to suck out the moisture on the fly.
6. Protect your books

Keep your older books from getting musty by placing a silica gel pack in the cover. You can also place the book into a baggy with the packets to remove any musty smell that’s already there.
7. Keep your window clear

Your windshield fogs up with moisture when the air and temperature combine just the right way. Prevent the foggy windshield by keeping these packets on the dashboard.
8. Protect your pics

Slip a silica gel packet in each photo frame (behind the photo) to keep your images safe from moisture. They’ll last longer.
9. Keep your seeds safe
If you’re storing seeds to plant next season, you’ll want to keep moisture as far away possible. Store your seeds in a shoe box with one packet to keep them safe. ​

10. Protect ammunition
Store your ammunition safely by adding silica gel to your ammo storage. This will keep your bullets from rusting and becoming unusable.

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