The Meaning Behind Those Numbers That Are Printed on Fruit Stickers

When you look at the strange numbers that are printed on the stickers that are placed on your fruits and veggies, have you ever pondered what they mean? In addition to being used for scanning at the checkout counter, they include a plethora of information that is beneficial to all parties involved, including customers and merchants.

Is There a Meaning Behind the PLU Code?
What exactly does the abbreviation “PLU” stand for? It is an abbreviation for “price look up,” and these codes perform just three operations that are absolutely necessary. They make it possible for grocery shops to quickly recognize the various kinds of produce that are being purchased during the checkout process, which guarantees that the appropriate price is being paid for each item. Nevertheless, the advantages do not end there. When it comes to identifying between organic and non-organic agricultural products, PLU codes are also of great use. On top of that, they assist in distinguishing between distinct types of the same fruit.

A Look at the Power of the Number Nine

There are normally at least four digits in each and every PLU code; however, the particular number is not allocated in a highly random fashion. There is a global identifier for a certain kind of fruit or vegetable, or for a size range that falls within that type of fruit or vegetable. On the other hand, when it comes to organic groceries, there is a little bit of additional magic required. Five-digit codes are used to identify organic products. These codes always start with the number “9,” and then they are followed by the well-known four-digit PLU.


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