The Meaning Behind Those Numbers That Are Printed on Fruit Stickers

Now that you’ve read this, you may be curious about the strange “8” that keeps popping up in PLU codes. When it was first introduced, this prefix was meant to be used for products that were genetically engineered, which is a rather uncommon category in the realm of fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, it would be very difficult to detect these “8” prefixed codes at retail establishments. The “8” has lost its relevance in relation to growing type as a result of the limited availability of genetically modified organisms (GMO) products. Do not, however, dismiss it as a possibility just yet; it may come into play after the four-digit codes have been exhausted.

That is to say, there is more to those small stickers that are on your vegetables than meets the eye. They serve as a short reference that will assist you in recognizing your preferred fruits and vegetables, regardless of whether or not they are organic. Furthermore, they have the potential to generate much more as the world of product continues to undergo transformations.

We are grateful to Taste of Home for supplying us with this insightful information on the world of PLU codes.

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