Why You Should Always Put A Spoon Of Sugar In Your Backyard Before Leaving The House

Some of us are not so keen about bees, they feel that they just bother us and disturb our lovely picnics, but in reality, these little insects are dying out of existence slowly…

These are critical as these little insects are responsible for feeding 90 percent of the world’s population, we really can’t live without them!

It’s not the case that you have to be a tree nut to respect the environment, not at all and happily there is some amazing stuff we can do to help the planet.

A single person can’t do everything, but all of us together can help, and we all have a responsibility to do something to preserve the beautiful world we live in, for our future generations.

Zoologist and author, British, and best known for his work as a television presenter, you would definitely recognize his voice if you heard it…

He said on Facebook:

“If bees were to disappear from the face of the earth, humans would have just 4 years left to live”

David Attenborough is not the first person to give this grave warning to us, but his post is a real reminder that it is a real issue and we all should take it very seriously.

They might well seem small and unimportant, but bees have a huge task, nearly a third of the food we eat is pollinated by these little insects

David Attenborough writes:

“In the last 5 years, the bee population has dropped by 1/3”


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