Window screens can get dusty. Look at 8 ways to clean them

Does cleaning your window screen consist of giving it a quick spray when watering the flower bed? If it does, there’s a chance that your screens are shading your view. Dust, leaves and debris clog up the mesh over time and leave you wondering how to deep clean window screens.
By cleaning your window screens in the spring and fall, you reduce the amount of buildup on your screens. These 8 helpful tutorials walk you through the simple process of cleaning window screens.

1. Remove the screens for easy cleaning
The traditional method of deep cleaning your window screens starts with removing them and laying them flat on a table or on your driveway. Use a soft bristle brush and soap to gently scrub the screen and remove all debris and buildup. While it may seem time consuming to remove your screens, this thorough cleaning is worth it — especially if you haven’t cleaned your window screens in a long time.
2. Use a vacuum
Try bringing in some vacuum power to speed through your screen-cleaning process. While you still need to remove your window screens for a thorough cleaning, perform touch ups at any time without removing your window screens. Use a hose attachment to gently vacuum the screen.
3. Use essential oil window screen spray
The combination of essential oils and baking soda make a powerful window screen cleaner that dissolves dust, says Maria’s Self. Her two-step process is an all-natural way to clean your screens. She uses the system every night so that she can sleep with the windows open without worries of any allergens or microbial growth.

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