Window screens can get dusty. Look at 8 ways to clean them

4. Wipe it down
A quick wipe with a dryer sheet removes dust and eliminates the static that attracts dust to the window. Hometalk says there is no need to remove your window screens or vacuum them to keep them clean. See how much dirt is removed with just a few swipes of a fabric softener sheet here.
5. Use the power of enzymes
If you have trees, you may have a bit more than dust on your window screens. This thorough tutorial explains different ways to clean your windows. To cut through the toughest of grime, check out the window cleaning solution. It features a combination of ammonia and pet enzyme-based cleaner.
6. Use a lint brush
Cobwebs and plant fuzz easily get stuck in your window screens. You don’t have to drag your vacuum around the house to clean your screens. The Family Handyman recommends using a lint brush to remove any debris.
7. Clean with a microfiber cloth
Microfiber is great at grabbing things. This soft cloth is safe enough for use on screens yet tough enough to remove dust and debris. Work With Water recommends wetting a microfiber mitt and then ringing out the excess moisture. All you need to do is wipe down the screen and you’re done!
8. Replace old screens
While cleaning your screens, you may encounter rips, tears or other issues. Go ahead and fix them quickly by following this simple tutorial. The Art of Doing Stuff recommends simply replacing the screen where it is — no need to take it out of the window and lay it down flat.

Clean and well-maintained screens save you money by lasting longer. Regular cleaning keeps your home looking great, reduces allergens and saves you from a premature window screen replacement. Share these great ideas with your friends and family on Facebook!

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