Why you should never fasten other keys to your car’s ignition key


4. Jeopardized Vehicle Security
Consolidating keys might seem convenient but jeopardizes your vehicle’s security. In case of key loss or theft, having all your keys together provides easy access not only to your car but potentially to your home or office.

5. Increased Risk of Key Breakage
The added weight makes your ignition key more prone to breaking inside the ignition cylinder, especially when subjected to sudden impacts. Extracting a broken key can be a time-consuming and costly process.

6. Impaired Driving Experience
The weight and bulk of additional keys hanging from the ignition key can make driving less comfortable and even distracting. Moreover, constant swinging and jostling can damage your vehicle’s interior components over time.

7. Warranty and Insurance Implications
Some vehicle manufacturers and insurance providers might void your warranty or coverage if ignition-related issues arise due to attached extra keys.

In conclusion, the seemingly harmless act of fastening extra keys to your car’s ignition key can lead to a cascade of problems. From accelerated wear and tear to compromised security, the risks far outweigh the convenience.

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