So amazing! This was a staple at our Thanksgiving dinner but we also ate it all year round! That good!

Scalloped potatoes are a classic and comforting dish that never fails to please. This delightful recipe layers tender slices of potatoes with a rich and creamy sauce, creating a dish that is both hearty and delicious. With a history dating back to the 18th century, scalloped potatoes have become a staple in many households across the globe. Originally a way to use up leftover potatoes, this dish has since evolved and is now enjoyed as a side or even a main dish. So, let’s dive into this easy scalloped potatoes recipe and bring a taste of tradition to your table!
These potatoes pair wonderfully with roasted meats, such as roasted chicken, beef tenderloin, or even a succulent pork roast. This dish also complements vegetarian options like baked tofu or a mushroom and spinach quiche. For a complete meal, serve scalloped potatoes alongside a crisp garden salad or steamed vegetables. Whatever your choice, their creamy and comforting nature make scalloped potatoes the perfect addition to any meal.

Easy Scalloped Potatoes:

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